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April 4



Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?

Your perspective is how you see something, how you interpret what is going on or happening.

If you see the glass as half empty then you are looking at it from the perspective of what is missing. If you see it as half full then you are seeing what is there right now.

Which perspective makes you feel more positive?

Our perspective is influenced by our feelings and thoughts as well as what we have experienced from the past.

Try seeing other perspectives. Pick a situation in your life. Note your feelings, thoughts and perspective of the situation. Now try seeing it from someone else’s perspective, another person involved or a how a friend might see it.

No perspective is right or wrong they are just our perspective.

The goal is to live your life enjoying a more positive and open perspective of life. Having a more positive perspective as well as seeing other’s people’s perspective’s make you a happier more compassion and understanding person.

Life is much easier and much more fun when we change our perspective to a more positive, confident, hopeful, compassionate one.

It’s like when you look back on something that happened in your life that at that time you thought it was the worst thing that could happen but now as you look back it moved you forward to something that you love in your life now.

It’s finding the blessing, the rainbow, the silver lining in the rain storm or the jewel buried in the tears.

When we look around at what is around us, what is happening, when we are looking at it from all angles, seeing, feeling, hearing, touching, from different viewpoints. It opens us up to new possibilities and understandings.

Pick an object. Do you already have an opinion about it?

Take a few minutes and look at. What do you see? Walk around it, what do you see from the other side? Turn it over what do you see now? Touch it, how does it feel? Smell it how does it smell?

Do you perceive the item differently now? Do you appreciate it more or less now? Have you changed your opinion about the item now?

How can you view a situation in your life from a different view, angle, or viewpoint?

Write out or vision different scenes of the situation.

What is your perspective now?

We do have a choice on how we view things. So if you see the glass as half empty try seeing it as half full. So if you see the glass as half empty change your perspective and see it as half full. And if you see it as half full, see it as how much more you have to drink and enjoy still.

Enjoy a New Perspective

by Taking a Closer Look Around You


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