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Shake Up Your Routine

February 21


Shake Up Your Routine

Our routines are comforting and I highly recommend and even encourage you to have routines to support you through your day.

But in order to thrive, provide yourself with exquisite self-care, build confidence, evolve, stretch yourself, and open to new perspectives and possibilities you need to Shake up your Routines once in awhile!

Today creatively change everything up. Try something new or just do things in a different order or a different way.

Vacations and holidays shake up your routines which incorporate new activities, new places and new people into our lives. You look forward to vacations because it is something new and different. You get to step out of your everyday life.

You can create that same excitement with just changing up your daily routines. Take a different route or do your chores in a different order or a different way. Do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. 

Look for a different way to spend some time today, or a different way to accomplish that chore. Experiment you just may discover wonderful new way to be and live.

Give yourself permission to do something out of your routine today. This may just open up some new possibilities or opportunities.

Do something out of the ordinary and make it an extraordinary day!

Do Something Out of the Ordinary

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