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Smell the Roses


February 20


 Smell the Roses


We perceive smell through the fragrances we breath in through our nose. You can nose can smell more scents than you can probable identify.

Recognizing the scents that you have experiences growing up and over the years you learn to identify scents. We often don’t pay attention or utilize our sense of smell or even appreciate it.

I have been working on my wine tasting skills and learning to identify the different scents in the wine has been a challenge for me. It takes training to learn to identify scents I am not familiar with or scents I have not paid much attention to.

Our smell is the sense that drives our sense of memories and taste. Smells can solidify events into our memories making them easier to recall. And we often decide to eat something based on our sense of smell first before we fully rely on our sense of taste to decide if we like it or not.

Pay close attention to the fragrances and aromas in your environment today. Notice how they affect your emotions, thoughts and focus.

Introduce new scents into your surroundings, fresh flowers, incense, and other pleasant scents.

Take the time to smell your food and identify the aromas before taking a bit to eat.

Improve your sense of smell. Working on improving my sense of smell is one of my skills I am working on as I step more into learning one more about wine and wine tasting.  

Take the time to stop and smell, inhale each scent that you encounter during your day. Exercise your noise by sampling smells such as oranges, lemons, and different spices. Pick 3 or 4 and smell each of them for a week. Then test yourself blindfolded and see how you do. Start with simple common scents you are familiar with then move into scents you aren’t as familiar with.

Notice the Fragrances and Aromas

as You Go Through Your Day

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