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February 22


Every transformational teacher from Wayne Dryer to Oprah have talked about the importance of gratitude. I think I have heard it so much I sometimes don’t listen anymore. I even have hesitated writing about it.

But it is true that your sense of gratitude for things in your life, about your life and the world around you do increase your sense of well-being.

Seeing the gratitude in your life shifts your perspective so that you gradually see the positive and the wonderful things in your life even in the midst of difficult circumstances and situations.

Seeing the good things especially the simple small delights and pleasures assure us that we can get through any challenge that we are facing. It is a glimmer of light in the darkness that leads our way through.

Like in a rainy dreary day and then a small glimmer of sun tries to shine through you actually become happy and begin to look for that rainbow that you know has to be coming.

Gratitude is a way to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have or what you wish you had. Gratitude is appreciating and being thankful for the things in our life.

Being grateful shouldn’t be just something we say on Thanksgiving. We should appreciate and be thankful for our everyday ordinary blessings. Thankful for that first cup of tea or coffee, a ride on a rainy day, a call from a friend, a smile from a stranger.

Look for the glimmer of light in your day. If you are looking for them you will find them and see them. You can write down what you are grateful for each day. It will help you begin seeing them. If you write down three things you are grateful for today, then tomorrow write four things and continue increasing the amount you write down. Try this for a week. Feel the peace and joy that floods up softly from within you.

A gratitude practice will:

  • increased happiness and positive mood
  • more satisfaction with life and will be less likely to experience burnout
  • improves your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being
  • you will have less fatigue and better sleep
  • will help you deal with adversity and build greater resiliency
  • you will express more kindness and compassion for both others and yourself
  • you will build stronger relationships
  • encourages the development of patience, humility, and wisdom

I have recently restarted writing gratitude’s everyday again but I try and appreciate moments as they are happening. Being grateful in the moment changes your life. I challenge you to see them and appreciate moments of kindness, pleasure, beauty, fun, as they happen. Savor them, appreciate them in the moment, and be grateful in that moment.

 Gratitude is a path into happiness. Gratitude can change your life.

See and Appreciate the Good, Wonderful, Moments in Your Day/Life


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