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Challenges & Goals


January 26


Challenges & Goals


For some crazy reason, I challenged myself to write my own book of daily inspirations rather than reading what someone else wrote.

Every year I have picked a book with daily inspirations to read each morning. It has been part of my morning routine. It gave me something to inspire me, or to reflect on and contemplate. In a few cases it actually challenged me to step up or embrace a belief, thought, or idea that I questioned or doubted.

When I thought about writing a book with 365 pages, I was overwhelmed and didn’t believe I could do it. I didn’t thing I even really wanted to. But it was on my list of possible book projects.

Now it has become a goal to write every day for the whole year. I broke the challenge down to write a book of daily inspirations into writing one daily inspiration every day for the whole year. It may take a year to finish the book but now it is manageable.

Challenges come in different packages. Sometimes a challenge come to us in the form of meeting a work deadline, or at home making dinner on time. Challenges can be of a serious nature such as dealing with a major health issue or being out of work. Challenges can be problems you need to face or obstacles you need to overcome or a dare you make to yourself.

You will face challenges in your life. Challenges are a part of life. Challenges will bring up feelings of fear, anxiety, overwhelm, worry, and concern. Challenges help you grow, become stronger, learn, and become more resilient, stronger.

You can overcome challenges by making a plan, taking one step at a time, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, trusting yourself, believing in yourself, having faith, and with support.

What are your biggest challenges?

What challenges in your life have you overcome? What strengths have you gained from overcoming those challenges?

One way to meet challenges head on is to set goals around those challenges. Break even the most difficult challenges into manageable goals. This will help you as you move forward through your challenges.

 By giving yourself challenges, setting goals, going at that challenge head on and accomplishing challenges you make to yourself, you are building the capabilities and confidence that you can meet life’s challenges head on.

Making your dreams come true is a challenge in and of itself. If you think of them as a challenge and set goals for yourself. You will work forward towards creating your dreams come true. And take any help or support you find along the way. 

Building resilience, capabilities and strength by meeting self-challenges will give you the confidence to know that you can successfully walk through and handle difficult challenges that occur in your life.

Have you given yourself any challenges to meet in this coming year?

Meet Challenges with Confidence by Setting Goals

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