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Create a Vision Plan


January 19

 Create a Vision Plan


Now that you have been collecting information on what inspires you, what matters to you, what your core values are and created a vision board, you can create a Vision Plan.

Your vision plan is just a written version of your vision board with a few more details. Gather all you notes and answers to the questions and just write them down in a way that makes sense to you. It can be formal or informal.

This is not a detailed plan of what you are going to do to make your dreams come true. I call it a Life Vision Plan because many of your goals and dreams will not and cannot be accomplished in a years’ time. Your big dreams and goals take time to come to realization.

You don’t need a detail plan unless you want one. It is good to have some kind of dream or vision along with your core values to guide you into the kind of life that will fulfil you and make you happy.

You can make it as detailed as you want or leave it as just a vision of what your different dreams are and what they may look like when they come true. Your written vision plan can be a simple statement of your dreams or a vision statement for your life.

And if just the vision board I enough for you that too if fine.

Writing them down is an option. Writing things down help to put them into your subconscious and will assist your inner guidance and intuition as you make choices and decisions in your life.

Some of us like detail some of us not so much. So here you get to decide. I like leaving room for flexibility and unknown opportunities to show up.

 I rewrite and recreate my vision plan yearly.

My life vision is more detailed, I write out how I want all the different area of my life to look like. I include basic dreams –like cruising around the world with my sister, but also the individual areas of my life, relationships, personal growth, business/career, finances, fun & recreation and health/wellbeing. You can choose to add any areas that are important to you.

My vision plan has a life vision section and then a yearly section on the things I want to create for this coming year, such as finishing a manuscript I am working on or starting a new person project. (If you are interested in writing a detailed Life Vision Plan –message me and I can send you more details)

I make adjustments during the year especially at the halfway point. I also have a disclaimer on it, This plan is subject to changes, additions and deletions whenever I feel like it or have another creative idea, desire or dream.

Remember your life, will evolve and change as you evolve and change. So expect your creative vision of your life to evolve and change too.  

Having a vision, a vision board and a vision plan is just an intention of what you dream of. The details are in the route you chose to arrive there. You can plan out your route (steps to take) or you can let your intuition guide you day to day. Just having an aspiration will help you as you are presented with choices and opportunities each day.

Life will unfold as you walk through it day to day. If you have a vision or a dream it will lead you forward through changes. You can follow a detail map with directions or follow your inner guidance and intuition either will get you to your goal. Even when that details and destination shift during the course of your life. That greater vision will guide you.  

Let Your Vision Guide You

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