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Discover Life’s Rhythms

January 18


Discover Life’s Rhythms


The earth has its own rhythms of day and night, light and dark, high tide and low tide, spring, summer, fall and winter.

Your life has seasons and daily cycles of your own. Be aware of the energy around you.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

What time is your energy at peak level? Plan activities that require your full attention or that are high priority during this time.

When you energy is low do activities that require less energy.

Learn to change your energy. Learn what activities you can do to lift your energy so you can do an activity that is important to you when you are low on energy.

When you need to slow down to rest and sleep learn what activities will slow your body and mind down so you can rest.

Know that you have different seasons of your life. You will have a time of spring busy making new plans, starting new projects, with high energy, busy with life full of excitement for creating, learning, and discovering. This is your spring.

Then you will have a period of relaxing, fun, vacation, spending time with family and friends, being active and social. Here your projects will begin to take shape and grow and blossom. Everything flows easily. This is your summer.

In the fall of your life you will harvest the results of your projects, your life will be reach and full of color. You will be winding down happy with the results. Celebrating the harvest of accomplishments and memories you have created.

Then winter comes. Life is harder. You feel like hibernating. You slow down. You need rest. It’s a time for retreating and reflecting.

Your life seasons will not match the seasons of the earth. It will be your own unique rhythm of your own unique life. Your days within each season will also have their own unique rhythm.

Sometimes you will have work against your rhythm but you can change your energy with what you know about how your body, mind and spirit work. That you learn through your relationship with yourself.

Trust yourself to know how to work with your cycles of life. Tap into life’s energy. Let your life’s rhythms lead you, guide you, through the stages and changes of your life.

Trust the cycles of your life. Trust even in the dark moments. Trust in the power of life to guide you. Ride the energy flow of the rhythms of your life. Use them to your advantage.   

Let Life’s Rhythm Find You

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