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Explore New Avenues of Creativity

April 6


Explore New Avenues of Creativity


Creative Expression makes you feel alive and excited and reignites your passion towards life.

Creativity is the expression of your personality, and imagination in many different ways. We often think of creativity as forms of art, music and writing. But you can express your creativity in many different forms.

We are often drawn to a mode of creativity that we are passionate about or we have learned at a young age and enjoyed. At some point in your life you might have been discouraged from pursuing a form of creative expression.

What is your primary mode of creative expression? Are you the Artist, the Thinker, the Adventurer, the Maker, the Producer, the Dreamer, the Innovator or the Visionary?

Now is a great time to try a new different form of creativity. If you are the Thinker try being the Artist. If you are the Dreamer try being the Producer. If you are the Adventurer try being the Maker.

Did you wish you could play an instrument or paint a landscape? Maybe you want to write a novel. Maybe you want to invent something that makes your life easier. Do you want to try something daring and adventurous?

When you went exploring yesterday did you discover a form of creativity that you would like to learn? Then go for it!

Is there a mode of creativity that you believed you aren’t good at or don’t like? If so let go of all judgment and try it for fun! You might even find out that your belief is completely unfounded.

Your creativity is your gift to the world but stretch your imagination, let go of limitations you have placed on yourself and your creativity and see where it takes you.

Value your Creativity 

Connect to your Creativity


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