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Old Habits


February 26


Old Habits

Developing healthy habits is only part of improving our well-being. You probably have habits that either are not healthy or just no longer serve you well. Things you do habitually that really don’t help you or improve you quality of life or give you any happiness or joy.

We all develop bad habits. We often have habits that were useful at the time we developed them but are no longer serving any purpose, we just do them because they are a habit.

What are 3 things that you’re currently doing that no longer serve you?

Pay attention when you automatically do these 3 habits.

What triggers them? Is there a behavior or emotion that leads you into doing this habit?

How you feel when you do this habit? How do you feel afterwards?

What would change if you didn’t do this habit?

How would you feel?

What would be the positive result?

To let go of a habit that no longer serves your well-being you must acknowledge it, and find a motive for no longer doing it. You can choose to replace it with a more positive habit or you can train yourself to no longer want to do it.

Like creating a new habit or making any kind of a change small steady steps with a plan will increases your chances of letting go.

Begin by recognizing the habit that no longer supports you. Set an intention around the habit. Be aware of everything that goes on around the habit. Pay attention and catch yourself when you are doing it. The next step is not only catching yourself but stopping yourself. Shift your focus, your thoughts to something else or make yourself do something else. Replacing the habit you want to let go of with a habit you want to replace it helps the transition.

Letting go of old habits can actually take longer than learning a new habit. You have to shift your thoughts. So be patient with yourself and don’t give up.

Choose One Old Habit to Break and Make a Plan

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