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February 23



Play is an activity that brings you joy. Set time aside to just play.

I find it hard most of the time to play even if I have the time. When I was young play was natural and easy. Now as an adult I am not always sure what play exactly looks like for me.

As a child play for me was baseball, ice skating, horseback riding, bike riding, and creating plays that my friends would act out. What were your favorite things to do or games to play as a child?

We know play is important in a child’s development but we don’t realize how important play is to us as adults.

Play is extremely important in your very hectic busy life. Play improves brain function, increases creativity, improves memory, and decreases stress. Play keeps you young.

As adults often the only time we allow ourselves to play is when we take a vacation or we play with our children. Play just isn’t on your to do list.

Do you have game nights? Dance parties? Do you play a sport? Do you have a hobby? Maybe play for you is painting or playing music or cooking a new recipe. Plan as an adult goes beyond children’s play activities.

Play can be planned time or spontaneous play.

It seems like we shouldn’t have to plan or make time for play but if we don’t as adults we will not spontaneously play very much.

As adults our play will often look very different than our play as children but you might also still enjoy and do some of the activities you played as a child.

Play can be simple activities like coloring, or doing word puzzles or playing card games or board games. Play can be painting or some other creative activity.

What can you do to add play into your life? What would play look like to you now as an adult?

 Play will increase your health and well-being and is a big factor in your level of happiness.

Playfulness and laughter will lift your energy so that you will return to your work and life with improved energy and a new perspective.

You need recess in your life and day now even as an adult.

Plan a Recess during Your Day Today

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