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March 6




Judgment is a part of human nature. A judgment based on careful thought to form an opinion and/or to make a decision or choice is sometimes necessary.

We are often too quick to make judgments. In a matter of seconds we decide if we like or don’t like something, if it is good or bad, right or wrong.

Most often we are not making carefully thought our judgments. We make judgments not based on the present moment and the whole truth of the situation. Often we make judgments that hurt our self-esteem and keep us from being open to possibilities, taking risks and making changes and moving forward. It can close you off from seeing possibilities and opportunities.

It is natural to judge something is good-bad or neutral. Mindfulness allows you to remain neutral longer. It gives you more time to really see and feel the situation and make a carefully thought out choice.

Your own judgments about yourself are most of negative or bad judgments. These types of judgments hinder your capabilities, imagination, limiting your openness, holding you back and making the best choices and decisions for your life.

 Mindfulness practice cultivates non-judgment. By not judging what is happening during meditation we are open to the present moment and what is. Acceptance comes first.

What mindfulness and being in the here and now do is help you be more aware of what is actually present in this moment, detach from the past and the projection into the future and make the judgment, choice or decision in the now this moment. That is that you are not making a choice because of something that happened in the past or a judgment you made in the past. You are not making the judgment from preconceived judgments about the future.

Letting go of judgment opens you up completely, brings peace of mind. Often times there is actually nothing that needs to be done in this moment. And if there is an action you do need to do it will arise from within.

We only need to be doing the task at hand, worrying about tomorrow when there is nothing we can do about what may or may not happen tomorrow can’t be done right now. And what happened yesterday is done and over. Gone it can’t be changed or undone.

You do not need to do something for and about every life experience. Life is about having the life experiencing not always judging it.

Non-judgment helps you cultivate peace of mind, helps you see what is happening more clearly, and see the beauty of life. Acceptance of what is happening, leads to appreciation that enriches your experiences and life.

Notice when judgments come up. Recognize them. Stay present, be mindful and release them.

Try practicing non-judgment. Become present. Be mindful.

Practice Non-Judgment

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