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Mindful Mornings

March 7


Mindful Mornings


Morning time is the foundation of your day yet you go through them on automatic pilot most of the time. Routines are our underlining structure and they are made for us to be able to move through them automatically without thinking about them.

Bringing mindfulness into your morning routine will improve the quality of your whole day.

Being mindful during your activities is likely to slow you down. When you are completely present with each action you will automatically slow down. This will allow you to experience and savor each moment.

For several days do your usual morning routines just do them mindfully. Pay attention and be present to the moment and the action.

Begin as soon as you are realizing you are waking. How do you wake up? Relaxed and at ease or stressed and rushed. Do you hit the snooze button over and over and then jump and rush around getting ready?

Pay attention to each activity you do. Move slowly, savor every moment. Notice how it feels, taste, smells or what it looks like. Are you wasting time doing something that is draining you already at the start of the day? Or something that is starting you off agitated and stressed?

If you are how can you eliminate that activity or change it up so it so you don’t start your day that way? What calming activity can you replace it with?

Is there activity that you enjoy but you are rushing through it too fast? Make the intention to spend more time being more present and mindful every morning and enjoy it more.

What you do each morning sets the tone for your whole day. Start your day off mindfully with activities that nurture and support you.   

A good mindful morning routine will send positive energy out into your day ahead. Practicing mindfulness each morning will improve you day, your health, your sense of peace and joy.

As you wake up feel your body as it stretches and moves to get out of bed. What does it feel like to put your feet on the floor?

Enjoy your cup of tea or coffee. Make time to sit and sip it, taste it. Do activities that make you feel calm and relaxed, as well as energized and excited to start your day.  Your morning routine can support you to move through your day with ease, energy, confidence, with a sense of peace.

Include activities such as meditation/silence, inspirational reading, exercise/walking, breathing exercises, making tea/coffee and/or breakfast, journal writing, spending time in nature, playing or listening to music.

The key is to be present, move slowly and mindfully through each activity and eliminate any actions that do not provide you with the best foundation to start your day. If an action needs to be done that isn’t supportive of starting your day at your best then move it to later after you have finished you routine.

Create and Maintain a Mindful Morning Routine

that will Inspire, Motivate and Support You throughout Your Day

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