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Break Free

June 19


Break Free

Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Take a chance. Try something new. Do something new. Say ‘yes’ to a friend’s suggestion you would usually say ‘no’ to.

To break free of your self-imposed limitations, you need to take a risk of some kind. To try new things. To do something different or differently than you would normally. You need to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. Do something silly or crazy or outside your normal activities. 

Doing something new and different, stretches you. It opens you open to new opportunities, possibilities and discoveries. It boosts confidence, it pushes you to overcome fears and untested beliefs. By expanding your limits, you expand your potential. You increase your self-esteem.

Trying new venues and experiences is a way to learn and grow.

Do something you don’t like to do.  By doing something you don’t like to do you examine your judgments and dislikes. It helps you see how you limit your possibilities and opportunities by them.

Take an opportunity to release limitations and more through fears and break free.

Do Something You Wouldn’t Dream of Doing

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