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Soul Walking

April 3

Soul Walking


Once again I am writing about walking. It has been my go to for everything, my health, my well-being, and my sanity. I walked to maintain a physical condition and not allowing it to deteriorate or affect my life. I walked away depression along with using meditation and mindfulness. I walked to hear my heart and soul to make choices and decisions about my life. I walked to heal hurt and to release anger. Taking a walk is always my solution until a resolution comes through.

The most profound walking for me were my soul walks in the woods of Wisconsin when I was lost and confused and didn’t know who I was or who I wanted to be. Soul waking brings me into the present moment connecting to nature. Once present in my body and with the earth, I can then listen to the wisdom of the earth and within myself.

Pick a favorite place to walk, a trail in the woods, the beach, a park or take a walk around your neighborhood. Walk, relax, do not rush, walk slowly, breathe, and focus on nature/environment. Allow your senses to see, hear, smell and taste. Let yourself become one with the experience.

Look at things under foot, notice the surrounding environment, pay attention, and be mindful. Stop, reach out and touch, sit down, and immerse yourself in nature.

Look for:

  • An object that is finished
  • A stone, shell or whatever speaks to you
  • A sound that stirs
  • An unexpected sight
  • Something that is alive
  • An object that holds another object
  • Something that speaks directly to you


What can any of these items tell you about yourself or your life? Your feelings?

When you return, journal or share your experience. I wrote a poem the first time I experienced a deep soul walk. Try your hand at some kind of creative expression of your experience.

Documenting your experience in some kind of creative expression enhances the experience and opens more perspectives and understanding of yourself. It helps answer any questions you have about your dreams, goals or next steps in your life. Or it just helps you realize your true self.

Take Yourself on a Soul Walk

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